Sylva, as of Unova arc
Gender Female
Current Age 19
Birthday November 12
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Hometown Magenta
Region Kanto
Relatives Terrance (brother)
Occupation Trainer

Sylva is a trainer from Kanto who travels from region to region with two friends. While she journeys, her traveling party is occasionally supplemented with additional characters.


Though the regular age for Pokémon trainers in Kanto to begin their journey is typically ten, Sylva postponed her journey until age twelve when her brother finally pushed her out of the house in order to become a trainer.

After winning her first hard-earned badge in Pewter city, Sylva realized that being a Pokémon trainer was just as tough as she had been afraid it would be, if not worse. After making her first Pokémon capture in Cerulean, she realized that catching Pokémon was going to be difficult as well. However, she not only gets better at Pokémon capture as she goes along her journey, she finds she can obtain Pokémon through other means.

Sylva also met Brandon, her first traveling companion, in Cerulean. Though Brandon admitted that he didn’t typically enjoy being around girls, he decided to travel with Sylva after his squirtle became friends with hers. It doesn’t take long for the trainers become great friends themselves.

Since then, Sylva had met several traveling partners who join the party temporarily. The most notable of these is Elliot, a fisherman from Johto, who rejoins the party later in the Kalos region.

Sylva met her second main traveling companion, Kyle, while she and Brandon explored the Hoenn region. She met Kyle in Verdanturf’s contest hall, where he at first mistook her for a coordinator.

As Sylva travels through each region, she cares less about winning badges for herself and more about aiding Brandon and Kyle reach their goals as a famous coordinator and an ace trainer, respectively. This is partially because winning badges is difficult for her, and helping her friends is much easier by comparison. She has come to the point where she cannot imagine life without her friends and hopes to stick with them as long as possible.


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